This package consist of one single satin double layer bonnet and one single satin edge wrap.


Satin Double Layer Bonnet

Our satin double layer bonnet consist of an editional pink satin material on the interier of the bonnet to provide double protection and preservation of hair. Our satin double layer bonnet is durable and helps assist with maintaining the moisture in both natural hair and hair bundles. Our bonnet stretches very wide and can also sustain longer hair and/or hair tools such as rollers. 


Satin Edge Wrap

Our satin edge wraps are perfect for:

-Laying down your edges

-Laying down your lace

-Lace protection starts night

-Securing your bonnet

-Fashionable Headband

-Workout Headband

*one size fits all



Satin Bonnet & Wrap Package

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  • Care Instructions

    Bonnets can be machine washes as a delicate. Please airdry only.