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One single bundle of our raw indian wavy hair bundles imported from south indian hair temples. Our raw indian hair is 100% unprocessed and is not altered in anyway. These top of the line extensions weigh 3.5 ounces and are silky and full from weft to ends.


Our raw indian wavy bundles are perfect for ladies who love to wear their extensions in thermal hairstyles (flat ironed, curled, crimped, wand curls, etc). However, you can still wear the hair in a loose wave state when washed & deep conditioned. Our hair bundles are the highest quality of south raw hair and can last for over a year with the proper care and maintainance.


More Details:

- No one hair bundle looks exactly the same in terms of the curl pattern, as it is 100% unprocessed.

- Our raw hair bundles typically come in shades ranging from medium brown, brown, or darkest brown. No one bundle will be the same exact shade.

- Our hair bundles are not steam pressed. Therefore, it reacts to humidity/weather temperature the same as natual hair does as it is high maintenance.

Raw Indian Island Wavy

Expected to ship in 5-8 business days
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