Our 100% virgin brazilian lace frontals are very transparent and ultimately creates an illusion of a realstic human scalp when customized properly. This product blends perfectly with our 100% virgin brazilian "deep wave" extensions and is very dense. Each lace frontal is 100% handtied to lace base material for free partings throughout the closure. The lengths of our lace frontals range from 14" - 20".


Pair your frontal  with it's matching bundles!


We offer two types of lace frontals:


1. Transparent Lace Frontal: Our transparent lace frontals are similar to standard swiss, however, the color of the lace is extremely light. We recommend this lace for lighter skin tones only. 


3. HD Lace Frontal: Our HD lace frontals are made of a very thin material and gives a more realistic "scalp" appearance. We recommend this product for all skin tones.



Deep Wave Lace Frontal

  • Hair Care Tips


    • Co-wash bundles after unpackaging with moisture conditioner
    • Always rinse bundles with luke warm water
    • Always comb bundles with a wide-tooth comb from ends to wefts
    • Allow hair to airdry 
    • Shampoo & Condition hair with sulfate-free and high moisture products
    • Shampoo & Condition hair biweekly
    • Always use a heat protectant before using thermal irons
    • Sleep with a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow case at night
    • Seek a professional cosmetologist for hair color services


    • Seek a professional hairstylist for customization (bleaching & plucking)
    • Shampoo & Condition with sulfate-free and high moisture products
    • Shampoo & Condition lace biweekly
    • Gently comb hair with a wide-tooth comb from ends to lace
    • Never scratch lace to prevent bolding
    • Remove and/all adhesive before reapplying 
  • Return Policy

    No returns and/or exchanges