1. How long does shipping take?

Shipping can vary from 3-14 business days depending on the product and/or products ordered. On average, shipping takes 4-7 business days when ordering hair/closures/frontals, 2-7 business days when ordering accessories and 10-14 business days when ordering a wig. For units, please allow an additional 3 business days to receive your order.

2. How do I find my tracking number?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with all information regarding shipping confirmation and tracking information. 


3. I think my order has been lost or stolen.

Please note that we are not responsible for your package while under the care of the postal service. If you are experiencing issues, please contact the postal service used to obtain accurate updates on your order. If you believe your package was stolen, please contact the postal service for more information on their "stolen package policies". 

3. How do I take my wig measurements?

There is a detailed diagram on how to take your wig measurements in the picture section of each wig unit on our website. Please use the inches side of measuring tape to take your head measurements.

4. My wig is too small or too big.

It is extremely important that you accurately measure your head for your wigs. Due to wigs being custom made, there is no refund and/or exchange if your unit does not fit. If the unit appears to be too small, please seek a licensed professional to give you small braids to ensure a good fit. Also please make sure that you are putting the wig on forehead first and not placing the wig directly on the head. 

5. I think I ordered the wrong product? Can I exchange it?

As stated on our site at check out, we have a strict no refunds and/or exchanges policy. We encourage that you double check your cart before ordering.